other people's dreams is an interactive archive of dreams that explores the relationship between the human unconscious and our collective digital consciousness.
To access the archive, the QR code tapestry can be scanned with a mobile device.

Created on a loom that requires both hand labor and computer control, the tapestry references the tradition of handmade overshot coverlets, which, like dreams, are characterized by patterns of repetition and reversal. It also refers to the binary coding of information--the 0s and 1s that control the output of looms, computers, and our own neurons. This project asks where dreams reside--in our bodies, in texts, in hyperspace, in the liminal realms between?

as an experiment and performance, shaw sleeps publicly under the collection of dreams that are not her own. visitors are invited to scan the QR code, enter the dreams of others and add their own dreams to the archive.